Homeland 3.09 “One Last Time” Review: Reunited and It Feels So Weird

Homeland had its second strong episode in a row last night with “One Last Time,” as Brody and Carrie were reunited and all the pieces Homeland has been setting up (even the misadventures of Dana Brody) appear to be coming together. However, my main question after last night’s episode of Homeland is will the culmination of all these storylines prove to be satisfying?

During “One Last Time,” Saul finally let Carrie (and us) in on what his main goal of the season has been. He plans to use Brody to infiltrate the high ranks of Iran’s government and to assassinate the Iranian leader, thus allowing Javadi the opportunity to seek more control of Iran. As Saul puts it, Javadi would be one of the three most influential people in the country rather than one of twenty-five and would allow for diplomatic discussions between the U.S. and Iran. In order to have this plan be successful, Saul needed to get Brody out of Caracas, help him beat his heroin addiction, retrain him to be the marine he once was, and convince him to go through with this mission by having Carrie speak with him.




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