Parks and Recreation 6.08/6.09 Review: “Fluoride”/”The Cones of Dunshire”

Last night was Parks and Recreation’s second straight week of back-to-back episodes (the series is now on hiatus until January), and while it was great spending another hour in the company of some of my favorite TV characters, this week’s double dosage of Parks and Rec was definitely not as successful as last week’s.

The main reason for the issues in both “Fluoride” and “”The Cones of Dunshire” stems from Jeremy Jamm as Parks and Recreation’s sole antagonist. Now, unlike some other fans, I’ve never found Jamm or his type of comedy to be annoying or too over-the-top for the series. In fact, I think many of his lines tonight, like how he got an Asian girl to sit in his “awesome ride” once or that he’s “not a big Morgan Freeman guy. I find his voice grating,” are downright hilarious. The issue with Jamm in last night’s episodes simply comes down to the repetitiveness of his conflicts with Leslie. Somewhat in “Fluoride” and clearly illustrated in “The Cones of Dunshire” (which felt like a carbon copy version of last season’s “Swing Vote”), the feud between Leslie and Jamm has simply become too stale and stagnant to milk for any new ground.



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