Merlin: Why I'm dissapointed so far...

Merlin caught me unawares until I saw a cinema advert for it during tropic thunder. It struck me as average but considering it was the BBC it might have the right skills necessary to become classic.

I watched the first episode and enjoyed it. Nothing struck me as either fantastic or out of the ordinary though. The script was slightly compelling and it was fun watching Eve Myles trying to not have a welsh accent. Guineveres love intrest in Merlin was also quite inspired i thought. However, it lacked dynamic rythem and excitement to giv ehte same thrill as Doctor Who.

I eagerly waited for the next episode hoping for it to be even better. I was very sadly dissapointed. The story was terribly predictable and you were told all you needed to know in the trailer. The sword scenes were quite good but it was predictable arthur would fight valiant.No dynamics, no entertainment. I did not like it at all. The characters weren't developed further and i switched off the TV after 2/3 of it.

I hope it to be better tommorow. If not then I will probably stop watching it. I want quality programming not bad scripts! So heres to a good script and better dynamics tmmrw! Fingers crossed.


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