'Nikita' Season 4 premiere recap: Nikita's the most 'Wanted' woman in the world

Spoiler alert: do not read the following until you have watched Friday (Nov. 22) night's "Nikita" Season 4 premiere, "Wanted" ...We knew we were in for a fast-paced, shocking, dramatic, action-packed Season 4 since there are only six episodes to wrap up the entire series of "Nikita." But the opening minutes of the Season 4 premiere was so disturbing that it completely threw us off. Michael found Nikita wandering in the woods, but before she knew it, she was surrounded by the dead bodies of her old team. Was this some kind of horrifying flash-forward, showing us how the spy series would end?Nope, it was just a dream. Nikita was on the run in the woods in Canada, about to cross back into the United States after 100 days on the run since the (double of the) President of the United States shot herself and framed Nikita -- and 100 days since she had...



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