What the?

I would love to review this film but with either Zango on every link or a fake blogspot it is impossible. I think I am officially done with sidereel. I will be moving on to find a site that actually thinks of its users for a change. There are still a few left. What a shame because this was so good for so long.



Default avatar cat
Aug 23, 2008 5:55PM EDT

Ya know what? I kind of agree. Although we the registered users control the site and you're able to delete any broken or fake link you choose when you're logged in. However there are other sites, for example www.watch-movies.net is amazing if you're looking to watch movies. They're just as quick to post links as sidereel.com, yet I've NEVER seen a zango popup on their site. Hope this kinda helps =)

Default avatar cat
Aug 28, 2008 12:42AM EDT

Watch-movies.net is an awesome site, but their mods are a little too carried away about their users ability to speak freely (excluding spammers)...good comment, ty pc

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