Saturday Night Live Recap: Josh Hutcherson Does Not Leave Us Hungry For Laughs


The final sketch on Saturday Night Live is almost always the weirdest. It's typically reserved for the kind of high-concept idea that wins over high-ranking elements of the writers room, but is too strange to run any earlier. Very few people probably went into last night's episode, hosted by a Hunger Games co-star who was born after Pearl Jam’s Ten came out, expecting a show comprised of 75% final sketches. Those people must have the gift of clairvoyance, though, because that is exactly what happened.


Josh Hutcherson, as it turns out, is no Taylor Lautner. He's not just a star from the current monolithic YA movie phenomenon, asked to host SNL in a transparent plea for younger viewers. Rather, he is a versatile performer who is able to handle every odd request thrown his way. Can you do a fey Southern accent, Josh? Yep. Can you credibly pull off some breakdancer posturing? Uh-huh. It'll suffice to say that not once was the young host reduced to a walk-on part in his own episode.  Read More...


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