'Homeland' Season 3 episode 9 'One Last Time' recap: Brody and Carrie reunited

"Homeland" finally brought its two main characters back together in Season 3 episode 9, "One Last Time." But will it be their last time face-to-face? That's yet to be seen. Like Saul, "Homeland" is reaching big as Season 3 comes to a close. The current plan is for a newly-sober Brody to go to Iran and try to assassinate General Akbari so that Javadi can usurp him as the leader of the Iranian military. Then Saul and the CIA will seemingly have control over Iran and peace in the Middle East. But, um, what? Even Carrie calls Saul on the insanity of this plan, and as a viewer it seems like there's no way he can pull it off. But will he? Is "Homeland" expecting viewers to suspend disbelief this much, or is everyone supposed to be left gawking at Saul's audacity? Then again, if he's able to pull off a stunt like turning...



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