'Family Guy' - 'Life of Brian': Oh my God, they killed [Spoiler]

FOX had been promoting a character death on "Family Guy" Sunday (Nov. 24). Heck, the show's producers talked about it way back at Comic-Con. But even with the advance warning, it still came as a shock.(As you can probably tell from the headline, spoilers below.)The episode's title, "Life of Brian," should have been a tipoff, but no, "Family Guy" wouldn't get rid of one of its central characters, would it? Yes, it would -- Brian was hit by a car and killed. And, irony of ironies, his death came right after Stewie taken apart his time machine. He decided he'd had too many near-misses at completely messing up the course of humankind, but the one time he could have used it for something good, it wasn't there.The family got a new dog, Vinny (voiced by former "Sopranos" star Tony Sirico), by the end of the episode. Was it too soon? What did you think of...



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