'Almost Human's' Michael Ealy: 'It's a slow burn. It's his own thing.'

Airing Mondays on FOX, "Almost Human" stars Karl Urban as troubled LAPD Detective John Kennex in 2048, where he is teamed with a human-appearing android prototype called Dorian (Michael Ealy).Kennex already hates the emotionless MX-43 androids that are partnered with every human detective, and he's not crazy about getting a discontinued model that displays humanlike emotions.During an interview at a Beverly Hills hotel, Ealy's facial expression betrays the answer to a comment about androids not having a personal life. Read on at your peril."I gave it up," he tells Zap2it. "I gaveit up quick, didn't I? I was terrible. Yeah, he does. He definitely does. It's a slow burn. It's his own thing. I'm going to learn as we keep going, but there's definitely a slow burn, something in Dorian's past, what he's been through, what he's doing."What is he doing with this second-chance opportunity? There will be moments when Dorian goes away from John,...



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