Boardwalk Empire Season Four Finale Recap: Put It Away Before Someone Gets Hurt


Boardwalk decided to go long this year. After killing off James Darmody in season two and depending on the self-contained arc of antagonist Gyp Rosetti to power season three, it seems the show wanted to set up some plotlines that could pay off over multiple years. Makes sense! At several points along the way, this season, I had the feeling that the most interesting outcome for the show would be if Chalky and Dr. Narcisse didn’t have it out to the mortal limit. (In any case, this reality would mirror the uneasy coexistence between Nucky, Rothstein, Masseria, and other players on the other side of the racial divide.)


That’s basically what happened. And, even if this sucks a bit of “oh wow,” resolution-style drama from the fourth season’s finale, I think the choice is a good one for this show — which has often, in a headlong rush to slam-bang climaxes, pushed beloved characters onto obvious dead-end paths. (See: Gillian, Harrow, Van Alden/Mueller.)  Read More...


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