The Walking Dead Recap: Heavy Is the Head


Please join me in a well-deserved slow clap. Last week’s detour with the Governor pushed the bounds of credulity, even for a show about a zombie apocalypse. The Guv — who was last seen gunning down his fellow Woodburyians — appeared to be a changed man. With a surrogate wife and daughter to replace the ones he lost, he had a new reason to live. He shaved. He played chess. He fist-bumped. It all fit a little too neatly into this season’s running theme of finding one’s humanity despite the horror of everyday life. There was just one slight problem — this guy is a mass murderer. It felt a little like watching Charles Manson rub the swastika off his forehead and take up needlepoint. No one’s buying the nice guy act, dude.  Read More...


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