'Almost Human's' Karl Urban: 'It's a realistic vision of the future'

Back in the 1960s, "Star Trek" was a generally positive view of humanity, and the time-traveling alien of the BBC's "Doctor Who" has always had a soft spot in his hearts for the people of Earth.But a large percentage of sci-fi visions of the future are dark ones, apocalyptic or post-apocalyptic, positing a world destroyed by pollution, overpopulation, asteroid strike, plague, rampant technology, zombie invasion or "Sharknado" -- take your pick.That's not what series creator J.H. Wyman (aka Joel) wants you to see in his new sci-fi drama "Almost Human," airing Mondays on FOX. He shares executive-producer credit with J.J. Abrams (with whom Wyman worked on "Fringe") and Bryan Burk ("Lost")."I'm always writing about the same thing," he says, leaning forward towardsZap2it in his chair at a Beverly Hills hotel bar, "which is, life is valued by the connections that you make. I believe in humanity; I'm more of a hopeful person."That's why I created this program....



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