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I have to say now this is a season finale!!!! This season finale totally left my mind blown I was in shock, awe, it left me thinking, I was actually worried, analysis proceeded afterward and everything now that what a good season finale should do! So far out of all the season finales (other than Scrubs series finale) House was the only one to bring the goods to the maximum.

The episode in itself since the beginning I'm pretty sure we where all involved imagining and hoping to see the fruits of what was going to happen with Cuddy and House we waited with eagerness throughout the episode to find out why she was mad ans so distant only summing it up to the realization that she felt that it could have been a mistake. We followed House throughout the episode the patient being very interesting by itself by the end was only used as a metaphor to what was really going on with House.

When House correctly diagnosed the old man at the end I knew something was up but nothing could have prepared me for how it all unraveled. When House shocked to his core starts to figure out what exactly actually happened that after the major insult to Cuddy she just left and the rest was his own subconscious taking over, I have to say that major props go out for Hugh Laurie because his acting was beyond supreme, House unraveled the realization of everything slowly you could see the effect in the character from confusion, to shock then instantly to fear perfect and so human. And to top that all off Amber and Kutner reappear with Amber's line that "This is what you really think you are" crushing it blew me away. Having House walk off to the Mental Institution and look back at Wilson was just epic and sad.

This season finale has left me very awed and happy to see this series and I can't wait for the next season!

I would love to know what everyone else thinks and if you agree with me.


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May 15, 2009 6:51PM EDT

I have to agree I was really impressed with those final scenes with Hugh Laurie's acting and also with the storyline since there was so little that was different in what House thought he had experienced all day and what really happened, yet it was an enormous deal, then especially the part that entirely didn't happen with Cuddy. I'm a little nervous to see what they'll do with all this next season since I feel like there's not a good way to work this out, but I'm crossing my fingers that they have a good plan that maybe will even return House to its former greatness that has lessened over the years.

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