'Hart of Dixie' mid-season finale post mortem: Showrunners Leila Gerstein, Les Butler on Wade and Vivian's new relationship, what it means for Zoe

The "Hart of Dixie" mid-season finale, "Miracles," aired on Monday (Nov. 25), and it gave Zoe/Wade fans something to cheer about (that kiss!) and something to fear (Vivian and Wade?). After getting advice from his ex-wife Tansy, Wade decided to move on from Zoe and date an available woman ... and promptly ran into Zoe's cousin Vivian. Should Zoe/Wade fans be worried that this new relationship is going to grow?According to showrunners Leila Gerstein and Les Butler, the answer is a resounding yes. "We're in [episode] 16 land right now and [Vivian's] still around," Gerstein tells Zap2it. "That is what the next episode, episode 9, is about as Zoe's in the middle as they're beginning. It's her new cousin and her ex-boyfriend. It's hard for Zoe."Confusing Zoe/Wade fans even more is the fact that the mid-season finale also played host to a big Zoe/Wade kiss ... although Wade was on a ton of anti-anxiety...



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