Dracula Season 1 Review “The Devil’s Waltz”

In a perhaps inevitably transitional episode of “Dracula,” we got a resolution of the previous show’s Renfield kidnapping, the expected engagement party, and Dracula’s first official meeting with the rest of the Order (he already knew Lady Jayne and the vengeful Davenport, of course) in the aptly-titled “The Devil’s Waltz.” I say aptly because not only did Dracula actually dance the waltz with Mina, but he also tipped his hand somewhat to the Order, by putting himself on their radar even more so than he was already- definitely a dangerous dance move, however calculated.

Now Browning is all but convinced that Grayson is, in fact, the old-school vampire they’ve been looking for that Jayne was convinced she’d already taken care of. Not entirely sure what Dracula expected to accomplish with this bold action, but if it was acceleration he wanted, he’s definitely gotten it. I guess kidnapping his most trusted ally was maybe not the greatest move, at least in the case of Davenport, who’s sure to meet an untimely end soon enough.




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