Homeland Season 3 Review “Good Night”

So much of the third season of Homeland has felt like aimless wondering in Middle Eastern desert. Therefore, it seems fitting that the tensest hour of the season be set primarily in the Middle Eastern desert. When taken in a vacuum, the majority of the episode was tense, engaging, and featured some really solid performances from all involved. When looked at through the prism of the entire series, it becomes a little curious.

Penned by series’ veterans Alexander Cary and Charlotte Stoudt, the episode has a lot of beats that felt similar to a lot of season one. There are people in dark rooms dealing with realities most people never need know about (including POTUS). However, the episode is further energized as we track Brody’s mission across the Iranian border. It was liberating to watch an operation Carrie Mathison had no hope of destroying. Without that pall hanging over it, the mission became fully engrossing. Unfortunately, it gave Carrie’s appalling sanctimony longer fingernails to scrape the chalkboard. When she takes her shot at Senator Lockhart when he first enters the situation room, I wanted him to run down the entire list of her psychotic, mission-jeopardizing, boy-crazy behavior. It’s not entirely clear how the show feels about Carrie Mathison at this point, but I can only hope they’re on Team Lockhart. Given all that has occurred, it’s tough for anyone not to be.




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