The Amazing Race Season 23 Review “Cobra in My Teeth”

The Amazing Race returned tonight with the great episode “Cobra in My Teeth”. As you might have guessed from the episode title, and the constant promos on CBS, this was the episode with the traditional eating challenge!

The teams remained in Indonesia for a good part of the episode, and the first thing they had to do right out of the gate was eating a king cobra! I had no idea that it was possible to eat a king cobra, let alone that people would actually choose to do it! Well, it turns out they do, and now our racers will do it as well! The promos and previews for this episode really played up Marie having a hard time with it, so I was really expecting her to hem and haw over it for hours. Maybe she would even take the penalty! But no, she just complained a couple times and then choked the snake down!

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