Glee Season 5 Review “Puppet Master”

This week’s Glee was the week when the show decided to make Blaine completely unlikeable and, by association, the show was just as incomprehensible and unforgivable as always. The gas leak and Blaine’s subsequent breakdown were just a way for the show to have an episode with puppets and, while it actually led to more than a couple of great song and dance sequences, it still felt unbelievably forced.

The fact is that Blaine has never before been the micromanaging ego-maniac he was in this episode, so I guess the writers got bored of assassinating Tina’s character for one week? The fight between Blaine and Kurt also really sucked – you can’t play with the Klaine shippers like that after everything that’s happened – and went nowhere expect for pushing Blaine to make an apologetic Kurt puppet that seemed to concern no one but Sue. This was either a dark insight into Blaine’s psyche or simply another holiday Glee episode we should just ignore forevermore.



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