'Castle' recap: Murder, Thanksgiving and a baby

Babies complicate everything. This is especially true in the "Castle" episode, "." Every theory about how a limo driver could be killed is messed up by a tiny bundle of joy called Cosmo/Benny.Don't drive for criminals. And leave the baby at home.A professional driver named Cameron Ducane begins the episode by staggering into a church and dying. But before he does, the man hands a baby to the priest.The baby -- promptly named Cosmo by Castle, the "baby whisperer" -- doesn't belong to Ducane and doesn't seem to fit with any possible motives for the gunshot man's death. It turns out that Ducane was once the getaway driver for a bank heist gone wrong, but the robber had an alibi. By checking the routes that Ducane took during his middle-of-the-night lunch breaks, the detectives eventually figure out that there was some sort of heist at an office building. Security cameras show shadowy men coming...



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