'The Blacklist' kills off [spoiler]?, as Liz Keen goes 'Die Hard'

On the most recent "Blacklist" episode, an old friend of Raymond Reddington's comes back into his life to wreak havoc on the FBI team. Anslo GarrickThe case of the week is super-bad guy Garrick, who feeds the Feebs bad intel so they'll bring Reddington to their off-the-grid facility, which he then infiltrates -- he is there to take Reddington and kill anyone who gets in his way.While Agent Ressler is taking Red to safety, Ressler is badly shot in the leg and Reddington rather kick-buttingly staves off more bad guys and drags Ressler to safety himself -- inside "the box."It's a more or less impenetrable see-through box, which is an amazing framing device to use so that Garrick can address Reddington while Red tends to Ressler's wounds. It makes for very heightened tension, particularly when Garrick starts threatening FBI agents with a bullet to the head if Red (or anyone) won't open the box. In...



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