'Hart of Dixie': Why I'm not happy with the Wade and Zoe bait-and-switch in 'Miracles'

On Monday (Nov. 25) night's mid-season finale of "Hart of Dixie," Zade (Zoe and Wade) fans were thrown for a loop.After Wade took too many anti-anxiety meds to combat his fear of going to the dentist, he walked right up to Zoe and planted the kiss to end all kisses on her. He even said the meds were making him see "the truth" about his feelings for Zoe. So why aren't Zade fans jumping up and down in excitement?Because the next scene featured an angry Zoe standing by Wade's bed the next morning waiting for him to wake up and apologize. Which he did, and agreed to never do anything like that again. There were no mentions of his feelings for her or her feelings for him, no discussion over what the kiss meant or what their relationship was. It was accepted by both parties that the kiss was wrong and nothing to celebrate.And...



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