'Beauty and the Beast' mid-season finale post mortem: EP Brad Kern on Cat shooting Vincent, the end of Muirfield, and a new, deeper mythology

The mid-season finale of "Beauty and the Beast" ended with a bang and a breakup as Vincent refused let Catherine's father live, and his decision to attack forced Catherine to shoot Vincent. With Catherine's father in jail, Vincent wounded, and Catherine essentially done with Vincent, what's coming next for The CW's supernatural drama?Zap2it got the chance to pick the brain of executive producer Brad Kern after a special screening of "Man or Beast" at The CW last week, and he revealed that Cat shooting Vincent was the "northern light" for the first eight episodes of the season and will fundamentally change their relationship going forward. "It's huge. We try to make a very big point in this episode that she's tying the relationship into his decision," Kern says. "As a poker player, Catherine was all in saving Vincent, coming at a pretty big expense to her. The question she's had to ask herself over...



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