Sleepy Hollow Recap: Treehouse of Horror


Let’s start with a quick show of hands: Who thought the haunted brick colonial was the same house the Masons were beheaded in? Anyone? Not just me, right? Cool. Wanted to get that out of the way.


Speaking of getting stuff out of the way, let’s also yada-yada over Lena the celebutante and her whole dealie, and then get right to the main course: McDonald’s, which Crane sourly informs Abbie “resembles no Scottish meal I’ve ever eaten.” Even worse, it was purchased at the “drive (pause) through,” that modern-day scourge that’s helped engender “the eradication of a thrice daily tradition.” Sometimes I think I should just transcribe Crane’s priceless bon mots and call it a day — in this episode especially, because, man, were his knickers in a twist this week. Society’s bastardization of the traditional, venison-based Pilgrim meal; no flesh-and-bones wife to hang with on Thanksgiving; an Ent-like tree demon might have killed my baby — oy, this one! It’s always something with him!  Read More...


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