How I Met Your Mother Recap: Rhyme Scheme


A question I will pose to you to start this here recap: Last night’s episode of HIMYM, was it cute or total crap? Yeah, I don’t deserve any stars for that, and I’m not sure creators Bays and Thomas do either, but there was some fun in listening to the rhythm of the dialogue, particularly when the writers pulled off a surprise, brought in multiple players, or went blue.


Personally, I’d like to know the origins of “Bedtime Stories.” Was it five o’clock on a Friday? The end of a long ideas meeting? After a few picklebacks (hence Brooklyn’s Pickle Jar Bob joke)? It’s a gimmick, and you can’t fault a sitcom for that, but there’s a whiff of desperation here, too. The writers hemmed themselves in with the Farhampton setting, and although I actually like the idea of a season unfolding over the course of a weekend, it has its limitations. Breaking free of the setup usually necessitates another scheme. Even so, an episode in verse probably would have impressed all of us more if the story that unfolded was as complex as, say, the average three-star episode. But if we strip away last night’s lyricism, what are we really left with?  Read More...


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