Nude Pictures of Nancy with Bowler Hat

Season 4, Episode 1 Andy Botwin (Justin Kirk) describes the "silver-sequined bowler hat" she was wearing in photographs Jude showed him long ago and they're actually shown in Episode 7 when Isabelle Hodes (Allie Grant) finds them in a book that was carelessly tossed in front of her.

I'm not quite sure if Mary-Louise Parker posed for them or they used a double or photoshop, but they look HOT. The one that shows breasts has some sort of effect overlay or she posed behind glass. I'm hoping it's because it really is a picture of her and they wanted to obscure it and not just to pass some sort of obscenity law on displaying nudity on television.

Of course I googled and found other older photos and I could just print screen, but I'm hoping some sneaky production assistant scanned and uploaded them or they were "accidentally" leaked.

Anyone find them?



Default avatar cat
Jul 29, 2008 8:37AM EDT

LOL Some good gossip about Nancy :)

Jul 29, 2008 8:35PM EDT

did every one see what Shane did with the pic's? Soo not right. lol

Default avatar cat
Jul 30, 2008 1:27AM EDT

What Shane did was so far beyond not right... I think he should have given them to Isabelle :D

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Jul 31, 2008 5:48AM EDT

I think the bit of pseudo incest made a really interesting character flaw for Shane and also made him a bit more realistic. Boys don't really admit it, but they do odd shit like that in private. But I concur, he should have given the pics to Isabelle or she should have been sneaky enough to hide them for herself.

Default avatar cat
Aug 2, 2008 11:34AM EDT

i think the fact that he kept them is better...i mean just think about all the drama when nancy finds out!!! it just kinda fits the whole weeds story...

Default avatar cat
Apr 20, 2010 9:15AM EDT

watch her HQ nude here

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