So...when the leeve breaks was in so many ways the best episode so far! But it was also the worst! I can't actually believe what has happened to sam and deans realtionship. I mean we knew there was gonna be some sort of confrontation between them, what with all the tension that has built up this season, but i never expected it to be this bad!!! Like sam said, how are they going to get past it once everything is over? I don't see how they will.

I actuall on deans side though. Sam has just gone way to far and as for Ruby, well where do i start. I don't know how i ever believed she was helping sam.

Anyhoo...i have sneaking suspicion that they will end the season without resolving sam and deans little argument and leave fans in suspense for a year. In true supernatural style :)



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May 8, 2009 11:58PM EDT

I know the guys would have a fallout, but i didn't know it would be that big. How do they recover. Sam is so blinded by revenge that he just can't see that Ruby is indeed using him. I believe Sam feel so much guilt for not saving Dean from Hell. Like Dean said He's not in Hell anymore. Next season they have some major issues to resolve.

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