'Beauty and the Beast' recap: Triumph and heartbreak in 'Man or Beast'

"Beauty and the Beast" ended its fall season with the rather heartbreaking finale, "Man or Beast." Even though the good guys took down Agent Bob Reynolds and save the beasts, Catherine and Vincent are both alone and broken at the end.Find out what happens in this recap.Delayed boomShockingly, Vincent isn't dead. It takes far more than just one little bomb to take out a beast like Vincent. You see, the bomb was meant to deal with one soldier/beast. That bomb didn't take into account that another beast might not want to get incinerated.And Tori didn't want to die in a fiery blaze. Double-beast action got the good guys out before everything went boom.Two wrongs don't make a rightPlus, two beasts in Cat's apartment don't make her happy -- even if one of them is Vincent. With Vincent gunning for Catherine's father and Tori unconscious (but way connected to Vincent), it's safe to say that...



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