Sorry 'Family Guy' fans, Brian countdown clock is a hoax

"Family Guy" did the unthinkable Sunday (Nov. 24) and killed off Brian, the Griffin family dog. But fans seem to be going through the five stages of grief in an atypical order, because the reaction has gone from anger (No. 2) back to denial (No. 1). Unfortunately, the website claiming to carry a special Brian-related announcement has been revealed as a fan-created hoax. Sorry to break it to you, but your beloved, cynical, canine voice of reason really, truly is gone. Following Sunday's episode, which saw the Griffins bury Brian after he was struck and killed by a car, some fans were so upset that they created a petition to bring the character back from the dead. (It wouldn't be unheard of for that top happen, talking baby genius Stewie did at one point have a working time machine. Also, this is a show on which the family dog talks. So.) But apparently a new...


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