Dean and Sam beign apart

I know its only been for 1 episode but its really starting to get to me! I was watching some old re-runs the other day from season one and I forgot how much it used to be about just the two brothers on the road together and about family and I miss that now. This whole angel/demon thing is tearing them apart.

Don't get me wrong I totally understand why Dean can't forgive Sam. After everything with their Mom and then Jess and then John, picking a demon over his brother was pretty much the worst thing Sam could have done. But still, it doesn't stop them being brothers and needing each other and its not like Sam initially set out to hurt Dean, he thought he was doing good and he hates what he did.

Sam is being a bit of a douche giving up hunting I mean come on...honestly he's tried before and failed so why bother? Even when Sam took off the fact that Dean offered him the impala is proof he still loves his brother and the fact that Sam refused the offer proves that he still loves Dean.

This season is so complicated already...can't wait for more

Rant over :)


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