'Agents of SHIELD' episode 9 'Repairs' recap: A ray of hope for Melinda May

The dark reason behind Melinda May's nickname was revealed in "Marvel's Agents of SHIELD" episode 9, "Repairs." Though the story behind "The Cavalry" twisted and morphed over the years, Coulson tells Skye that the incident that caused May to go cold was not a happy one. According to him, May was a bit like Skye before she found herself in a situation she came out the worst for fixing. No one knows the details of the mission except May (which means it will take until at least the next sweeps period for the audience to find out as well), but Coulson says it caused May to lose herself. Skye deduces that Coulson is keeping May around to try to warm her up again, and it seems like it's working. The post-credits scene shows that May got in on the aircraft prank war (which has a real-lifeparallel offscreen) by putting shaving cream all over Fitz's face....



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