Bones Season 4 Episode 19 "Science in the Physicists" Review

This episode of Bones was really good in my opinion for several reasons:

- We got Mr.Nigel Murry back

- Loved how Angela's father returned

- Booth and Bones chemistry

The start of the episode it's self was interesting. I found the photographer hilarious and I loved how we got the quick gross out factor of the ear. The Booth and Brennan chemistry from the start was priceless and we can see how Booth is rubbing off on Brennan. Since when has she referred to a bodies as "chilly"? Anyway, although some viewers may find Mr.Nigel annoying I believe he adds to the geeky vibe we've come to love about the show. The random facts although can be hard to digest at the start is now just expected and adored.

We also learn that Angela is continuing with her act of celibacy and is still sexually frustrated. The introduction of her father was another priceless moment, with him appearing once and then disappearing. I thought I just added to his mystery. Was it just me who noticed that Booth seemed sort of annoyed through out the episode? Wanting the facts straight away without their usual explanations? Moving on, expanding on my love of Mr. Nigel how cute is he with Hodgins and their experiment? How even though Brennan says no they just give each other that look and proceed? Not to mention the amazing Booth/Brennan moment soon after. I loved that his first instinct was to protect her and they just rush to the wall. *sigh* Okay I'm back. :)

Another thing I loved in this episode were the secondary characters. I loved how all of them are genius and "robots" as Booth would say. Is it just me or was there was to much sex happening in that place? The Landes (spelling?) was an interesting character as well. His fiancee was having sex with other men and he didn't even seem to care? I was also really surprised when Booth and Brennan walked in on that Gothic guy and ignorant girl, totally wasn't expecting that. But I must admit the scene did bring out another fun Booth and Brennan scene which leaded to Booth guessing that Landes would hit on Brennan which did happen. Just proves how well he knows her.

Going back to Hodgins, when he finally does see Angela's father I loved Nigel when he gave that rant about Blues music and how it ties into the devil or something along those lines. Hilarious! When Sweets when to talk to him I found that really funny too. When he admitted to being scared and his secret thing for Angela, Hodgins expression was the best.

But by far my most favorite part of the episode was when they captured the killer and Landes accidentally punches Booth. So funny! Also how relieved was Booth's expression when Brennan said no to Landes. I absolutely loved how Booth said that Brennan was the only smart person he liked. Awww! Sweets " what about me " question was priceless. In the end I liked how Brennan said that Booth was smart in his own way and that Hodgins got a tattoo. Perfect vengeance.

Over all I found the episode a good example of why we all love Bones and I can't wait for the Wednesday + Thursday episodes coming up this week!


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