'Supernatural' recap: Sam and Dean are ... virgins? Not for long

It's always nice to see a female who can handle herself around the Winchesters on "Supernatural." And now that Charlie's off in the land of Oz helping Dorothy win her civil war, there was a void that needed to be filled of the butt-kicking female variety.Enter Sheriff Jody Mills, the small-town sheriff who needed Sam, Dean, and Bobby's help way back in Season 5 when her son and the rest of the town turned into zombies. Since then -- and after Bobby saved her from leviathans and she covered for him to the FBI -- she's been keeping an eye on any strange police reports that might be up Sam and Dean's alley. And when virgins start going missing, and the culprit seems to have superhuman strength and emit a blue light, she gives them a call.Thanks to her many encounters with the supernatural -- Crowley almost killed her on a blind date last...



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