Episode Recap: "It's All About Trust"

After last week's drama-tastic episode we were all left wondering what the outcome would be with Lauren and Audrina's friendship. Their attempt at reconciliation turned into a fight with no resolve and even though Lauren stood her ground, she was pretty bummed about the situation. "It felt like she cared more about him than about you in this situation," Lo said and Lauren was pretty sure that the way Justin had treated Audrina all this time is the reason for why she believed it. "What would it take for you to forgive her?" Lo asked. "For her to actually be sorry," Lauren responded.

Audrina talked to her close friend and co-worker Chiara about what went down. It seems that JB is still not speaking to her even though Audrina is convinced now that nothing happened. On the one hand she feels better but it's now cost her relationship with Lauren and probably Justin as well.

Over in Spencer-land, he goes over to his sister's to tell her that he and Heidi are going to pay Nana a little visit and that Heidi invited her to come. Suddenly Spencer becomes all "holier than thou" by asking Stephanie, "What kind of person doesn't check in with their Nana?" and making her feel guilty for never calling her. Stephanie takes him up on her offer but their visit becomes an excuse for Spencer to take shots at his sister and make her look bad. Heidi, meanwhile, can sure turn on the cheese. All the bickering reminds Nana of when the kids were little and would always fight and so she tried to tell Stephanie that she wished she had a brother to protect her growing up and that "you can trust him and rely on him and he'll always be there for you." I guess Nana doesn't watch a little show called The Hills on MTV.

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