Supernatural Recap: The Virgin Homicides

When it's nine seasons in, a TV series can be forgiven for feeling a bit, well, retro. That's almost a whole decade of social change! Supernatural does feel dated, but not merely because it's been on the air for so long. No, it also feels dated because datedness is in Supernatural's very DNA. It premiered long after The X-Files had already exhausted America's hunger for monster procedurals, plus the character of Dean Winchester has never seemed like an actual modern guy in his mid-twenties as much as he seems like maybe what a fortysomething writer might've considered hip when he was young. Oversize leather jackets, classic rock, muscle cars, Howard Stern–worthy one-liners: Dean's man-out-of-time tastes have certainly endeared him to viewers, but make no mistake, nothing about Dean has ever felt modern, least of all his attitudes toward women. (Don't worry, this won't be yet another screed about Supernatural's treatment of female characters, though this episode was another low point in that regard.) Even putting aside that particular subject, this week we got "Rock and a Hard Place," an episode in which everything from the premise to the jokes to the dialogue felt about as modern as an episode of Sliders.  Read More...


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