Frozen Captures the Classic Disney Spirit

The classic Disney animated films – the really classic ones, like the films made when Walt Disney was still alive – all possessed an uncanny ability to capture childhood emotions that were not-so-secretly also shared by adults. Think of Pinocchio and Dumbo and the feeling of being a constant outcast, too odd to get by; Sleeping Beauty and Snow White and the sense of a cruel universe lying in wait for you. The later Pixar films brilliantly and lucratively stood this idea on its head by reversing the emotional transference – often, they made movies about ostensible adults (even if they were animals, or insects, or robots) and found emotions that kids could then connect with. But it’s hard to match the knowing, earnest sadness of those older Disney movies. I keep thinking back to Peter Pan and Wendy Darling mournfully singing “Your Mother and Mine” to the Lost Boys. It’s a beautifully sad moment, tempered by a gag — even the pirates secretly lying in wait for them outside Hangman’s Tree start to cry. But the gag itself is funny ‘cause it’s true, to quote a more contemporary, non-Disney animated character we all know and love.  Read More...


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