'Doctor Who' Season 1 'The Daleks': 'The Escape,' 'The Ambush'

Join me here on Tuesdays and Thursdays as I explore the earliest seasons of "Doctor Who" -- as a complete newbie to the series. A full explanation can be found here. Today's episodes -- "The Escape" and "The Ambush."The EscapeWhen we last left our Whovians, Susan and Ian had gone back to the ship to get the anti-radiation drugs for the Daleks. There they encounter Alydon, a leader of the Thals who is seeking a treaty with the Daleks because the lack of rainfall has made it so they cannot grow any crops. Susan and Ian take word of the treaty back to the Daleks, where Susan helps them write the treaty, but the four travelers are still held captive. They realize they're being watched and stage a fight to "accidentally" rip the camera off the wall. Once the Daleks can no longer monitor them, they realize the robots are powered through the floor using...



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