'Once Upon a Time': Henry's not here anymore

"Once Upon a Time" didn't go out with quite the bang we were expecting for the fall finale in "Save Henry" -- to be perfectly frank, we thought the show might kill off one of its minor characters, like Wendy or Tinker Bell. However, what did happen sets up an interesting story arc for the second half of the season, so it's definitely got us chomping at the bit for when the show returns. NeverlandThe gang manages to save Henry -- mostly due to Regina because she's the heroine this week and she's a total kick-butt babe all over the place. She does a preservation spell on Henry, defeats Pan's regret-sucking thinking tree, takes Henry's heart back (plus box o' Gold), saves Henry, makes it so that his heart cannot be stolen again and makes Pan's shadow fly them home to Storybrooke. A+ for Regina. Emma may be the leader, but who got the business...



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