'The Mentalist' - 'My Blue Heaven': Meet the new boss

After five-plus seasons of the CBI and Red John, "The Mentalist" needed to take a beat before settling into its new reality. While Patrick Jane, Lonely Expatriate Do-Gooder, might not be the stuff that series are made of, it was necessary to give Jane some distance from his previous quest.In that respect, Sunday's (Dec. 1) episode, "My Blue Heaven," did exactly what it was supposed to do. By jumping ahead two years and removing Jane to an island, where he has cut off most of his ties with his former life, it allows for as clean a break with the Red John story as is possible.Of course, the ramifications of his killing Red John still linger. Jane is a fugitive, and of his former CBI colleagues, only Cho is doing something remotely like what he used to by having joined the FBI. Libson is still in law enforcement, but she's the police chief in a...



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