Homeland Recap: Relax the Goat

Early in this week’s episode, fresh off last week's pick-me-up course of Ibogaine and a whole lot of macho bonding with his brother Marines, we meet up with Nicholas Brody in Iraq, near the border he hopes to cross into Iran. Brody’s doctor, who is apparently as good at impromptu barbecuing as he is at delivering experimental medical treatments, hands him a chunk of the meat. “Medium rare,” he declares. “Pretty fucking tasty, huh? The secret is to relax the goat before you cut its throat.” It may be true that deceiving the goat means that anxiety won’t seep into its meat during the final moments of life. As the two men will sadly learn before the end of the episode, just because an animal or human doesn’t see its death coming doesn’t mean that the creatures in question don’t end up dead. But on a larger scale, this episode of Homeland is a reminder that the means and the ends are deeply related to each other. Even if you come through a series of disasters “still in the game,” as Carrie puts it to Saul, those disasters can still fester and spread poison.  Read More...



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