'Good Wife': Is Peter the father of Marilyn's baby? I sincerely hope not

"The Good Wife" just hit its milestone 100th episode in what I think is the best episode the show has ever done. I even enjoyed the final frames, with Eli's spit-take and Marilyn's "bombshell." But some things I've been reading have given me pause about it. My first thought upon seeing the ending of the episode, where Marilyn reveals that she's having a boy and is going to name it "Peter," was that Marilyn was messing with Eli. She was playing a joke on him because she's obviously a smart and savvy woman who knew exactly why they "promoted" her to the Transit Authority and thought she'd give Eli a mini-stroke -- Merry Christmas! (Or I should say, Happy Hanukkah!)However, in an interview with Vulture, creator Robert King says this, "She's not kidding. The only thing we'd say is we pick up the next episode right where we left off. Literally a second later. You'll...



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