'The Blacklist': Alan Alda and Liz's father and husband raise new questions

When we left "The Blacklist" on last week's cliffhanger, Anslo Garrick was threatening Dembe in exchange for the box code.Agent KeenBut that situation is dispensed with before the opening credits are even done rolling. Dembe isn't shot -- it was Aram shooting the man who had taken Lizzie hostage. But the shot alerts Anslo's other men and they capture Liz and Aram anyway. Red now threatens Ressler for the code because Agent Keen is the one whose life is being threatened and Ressler gives it up, so Anslo takes Red, Lizzie and his band of merry thugs out through a tunnel and into an escape ambulance. The Feebs get loose and Aram helps Lizzie track Red after she's thrown from the ambulance -- for causing some kick-butt issues, like zapping one baddie with the defibrillator and shooting the driver in the head -- but Anslo's guys dig the tracking chip out of Red's shoulder and...



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