'Sons of Anarchy' - 'You Are My Sunshine' recap: Tara makes a run for it, Nero is betrayed

After the death of Clay (Ron Perlman) in "Aon Rud Persanta," "Sons of Anarchy" still has a ways to go before there will be any peace. "You Are My Sunshine" took things to an even deeper level of blood, all in an attempt to make things right.The first issue finds Nero (Jimmy Smits) as uneasy as ever over his deal with SAMCRO. He just wants to run his growing brothel empire, but partnering with a violent club isn't exactly helping. In fact, a returning Alvarez (Emilio Rivera) reaches out on behalf of the Mayans to let Nero know that his club is setting up shop in Stockton and partnering with the Chinese, to oppose the Irish, the club and August Marks (Billy Brown), leaving Nero and his gang, the Byz Lats, in a difficult position. Lines are being drawn between races and the Lats are concerned Nero is too involved with SAMCRO.However, that little deal...



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