Supernatural Recap: Heaven’s Turf War

The 1994 CBS series Touched by an Angel boasted many classic episodes, such as the one about the regretful father, and also the one about the dying lady. But for my money, the all-time greatest was the ninth mid-season finale in which all the angels unsheathed giant blades and slaughtered each other in the streets. Personally, I will never forget the image of Della Reese stumbling into a Sunday-school class and spraying a children's choir with her gaping neck wound. Or Roma Downey waving a katana above her head and then falling beside the lifeless corpse of John Dye. Many questioned where the rest of the season could possibly go after that, and to be fair, it ended up being pretty boring. But that episode was truly riveting. More important, it paved the way for Supernatural's outstanding season-nine mid-season finale, "Holy Terror." Not only did we get some serious angel carnage, "Holy Terror" gave us some major character reveals and an even more major character death. Sure, it wasn't quite as upsetting as the sight of a zombified Della Reese beating Roma Downey to death with her own leg, but it was at least as compelling.  Read More...


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