'The Tomorrow People': The original John, Nicholas Young, on returning to the show

In the original British series of "The Tomorrow People," Nicholas Young played the character of John, the de facto leader of the genetically advanced young people. He returns to the series after almost 40 years in the upcoming episode, "Thanatos," playing Dr. Aldus Crick. Check out this interview for more on the character and actor.What can you say about your character in the new version of "The Tomorrow People"?Nicholas Young: Aldus Crick is an English, eccentric professor who, about 20 years ago, was a lecturer at Princeton University, where one of his colleagues -- Dr. Jedikiah Price -- was also a lecturer. And he introduces me to Roger Price who has these extraordinary abilities. He swears me to secrecy and from that time on, Roger Price and my character, Aldus Crick, try to develop a safe haven for Tomorrow People to hide away and choose the appropriate way to launch themselves on humanity as...



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