'American Horror Story: Coven': Is Queenie Being Manipulated by False Racism?

There's nothing that Fiona Goode hates more than a racist. Although this probably isn't totally true (I'm guessing she hates aging and the mysterious new Supreme even more), this witch doesn't seem to be a bigot. In fact, the only characters on American Horror Story: Coven who are, in fact racist, are Madame LaLaurie and Marie Laveau: two women from very different eras. Two women who are immeasurably hateful, vengeful, and complex. In order to capture Madame LaLaurie, Marie Laveau manipulates Queenie, the only African American witch in the coven, to believe her sisters think less of her because she is Black. Queenie eventually does Marie Laveau's bidding, but what at what price? What kind of message is being sent to the viewers of American Horror Story: Coven?



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