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What happened?

This was set to air on the 28th, but now for some reason it's been postponed a week. Anybody have any clue? Did it air? If not, what stopped it?


| 00:38 EDT, 06 Aug, 2009
damn in such a short time it has become one of my fav shows....i agree with the comment that they are a bunch of fools
| 12:43 EDT, 04 Aug, 2009
Because they are IDIOTS!
| 21:28 EDT, 31 Jul, 2009
why would they do that ?
| 16:20 EDT, 31 Jul, 2009
Actually correction. No eps on the 4th but double eps on the 11th.
| 14:16 EDT, 30 Jul, 2009
Yeah and a Bachelorette rerun at that. ABC pulled it with no notice at all. Double eps next week at least.
| 13:19 EDT, 30 Jul, 2009
wow really..... how depressingly pathetic =(
| 22:54 EDT, 29 Jul, 2009
it didn't air, some silly tv show called the bachelorette stopped it

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