'The Tomorrow People' recap: Kidnapping, Dr. Death and John's lies in 'Thanatos'

Everyone was very busy in the "Tomorrow People" episode, "Thanatos." Kidnapping, murder, revelations, British professors with weird mushroom tea and even a "Matrix"-style brain machine were all part of the fun.It's just too bad it all ended so poorly for just about all of the good guys.Worst. Idea. Ever.Stephen is still all worked up -- and rightly so -- about seeing his maybe-dead father and learning the word, "Thanatos," from him. Everyone else is a bit skeptical of this -- and rightly so -- since Stephen was having a near-death experience himself at the time.But these crazy genetically evolved kids will do anything for Stephen, so Cara and Russell concoct what may be the worst plan in "Tomorrow People" history: They decide to break into Jedikiah's house and pick his brain while the man is asleep.Nothing could go wrong, right?Yeah ... Unfortunately, Jedikiah isn't a sound enough sleeper and wakes up mid-brain scan. Cara...



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