'American Horror Story: Coven': Fiona rises up to help with the war of the witches

"American Horror Story: Coven" looks to have set up a war of the witches for the last group of episodes this season -- who ya got your money on?Fiona and the Sacred TakingCordelia has had enough with hiding out and hoping Marie Laveau doesn't get them, so she rallies the witches of her coven to start to fight back. They are aided by the arrival of one Misty Day, who is toting Myrtle with her. It would seem a would-be assassin came creeping through the swamp, but Myrtle dusted herself off from her bog o' resurrection and warned Misty in time. The two of them hid out until Hank (we all know it was Hank, right?) went away and they headed straight for the coven. The six coven witches perform a ritual called the Sacred Taking, which they hope will cause Fiona to kill herself for the good of the coven -- so a new,...



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