‘The Last Days of Mars’ Review: Stylish Sci-Fi Monster Movie Can’t Decide If It’s High Art or Fun Trash

A movie that seems to aspire to both art-house and drive-ins without quite delivering the goods required for either, “The Last Days of Mars” blends stylish art direction and a top-flight cast with a very basic monster-microbes plot.

The final result contains one or two decent scares and some fine performances, but it’s ultimately trapped uncomfortably between Column A and Column B.

An expedition of scientists on Mars are looking forward to the end of their stint on the angry red planet; within 24 hours, a spacecraft will be landing to take them back to Earth. Wouldn’t you know it, it’s not until that last day that brusque scientist Kim (Olivia Williams) discovers that cells are dividing within some of her soil samples, proving that life does indeed on Mars.  Read More...



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