Nashville Recap: Out of Tune


You know how you really love a show and you finally convince your best friend to watch an episode, and when they do, it’s one of the weakest of the season?


I sure hope that didn’t happen to you last night.

Not that last night’s episode was horrible or anything. It just kind of sat there, like a dead fly on a guitar string, as they probably don’t say in Nashville. Now, next week?! Boy, howdy, that looks good. (But seriously, is this Nashville or The Walking Dead? Because the body count is totally mounting.) Nonetheless, this is the episode we must contend with first, so contend with it we shall. It starts out on a hilarious note, as Layla dedicates an (unsanctioned) encore to “Will and all y’all.” “All y’all?” Juliette says disdainfully, watching on closed-circuit TV backstage. “She’s from Connecticut.” (That must be the Nashville equivalent of that annoying girl in high school who goes to England for a few weeks and comes back with a British accent. Also? If there was an app called “Hayden Panettiere sarcastic comeback generator,” I’d totally buy it.)  Read More...


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